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Pet Comb Solid Wood Antique To Remove Floating Hair
Knot opening comb small
Open knot comb large
Open knot double sided
Double sided comb brush
Doublesided harrow comb
Single side harrow comb
Comb Small
Comb Medium
Comb Large
Long needle roughing comb
Fine needle comb
Floating wool comb
Shell beater
Shell flea comb
Round handle comb small
Round handle comb medium
Large round handle
Crescent comb trumpet
Crescent Comb Large
Hairling knife small
Roughing knife medium
Large roughing knife
Sparse tooth comb
Close tooth comb
Double side comb
Hair cutter
Harrow comb
Left hand plucking knife
Right hand plucking knife
Crescent plucking knife
Chopstick comb
29tooth chopstick comb
17tooth chopstick comb
78tooth chopstick comb
Dualpurpose comb
Large bath brush
Sweat scraper small
Sweat scraper large
Nail clipper small
Nail clipper large
Nail file
Antique needle comb small
Antique needle comb large
Circular needle comb
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